For most people who lose their jobs, life changes abruptly. Not only the shock is deep, it must be expected with considerable financial losses. Although the person concerned receives money in the form of social benefits, not all bills can be paid as was previously possible.

The standard of living has to be screwed back and the unemployed person has to limit himself severely. Unemployment can quickly become a problem, especially when important bills can not wait and perhaps even reminders have arrived. Many look for the bank in this case, hoping to get a loan.

Does the bank award a loan to the unemployed?

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Today, many households have borrowed, which is already part of the reality. Nevertheless, people in the credit world are excluded if they can not meet the bank’s requirements. So it is with the unemployed, if they are looking for a loan without work. That’s easy to explain. Unemployed people receive social benefits that are not intended for seizure.

But banks require an income, which can be seized in an emergency. Since social benefits are not included in income, a bank will not lend. With the low payment of the unemployment benefit, no loan installment can be deducted from a loan without work. The bank would stay on debt and not get the borrowed money back.

Possible alternatives that can be used

Possible alternatives that can be used

In order to get money, there are alternatives to a conventional loan. For example, the person concerned can claim a personal loan. To do this, a private lender must be found who can be found in the family circle or with friends. Another alternative is the pawnshop, which accepts some items.

But this is a costly affair because not only does the money have to be repaid, it also costs interest. Loans abroad can not be accepted, as there is always an attachable income required to make an application. Thus, this alternative is eliminated, as are loans without private credit.


Unemployed people can not apply for a loan without work. The only way would be to get money in the private sphere if a suitable person is found who is willing to lend a small amount.