Among the offers of the credit market, the loans to bad payers and protested Onecredit are a financing solution suitable for those who have been reported in the Register of Protests or in databases such as the end-to-end knowledge company due to past financial mistakes, and now it is in the complicated condition of having access to credit. As with any credit institution or financial company present on the market, classic personal loans are almost impossible to obtain, unless they have a guarantor who offers very solid protections both in terms of credit reputation and balance sheet, but it can make convenient use of the salary assignment that ensures the bank reimburses the disbursed capital, and proves to be a convenient and useful tool for all employees in the public and private sector. In this guide you will find all the useful information on loans to bad payers and protested Onecredit starting from the sale of the fifth of salary and pension.

Sale of the fifth Onecredit

The sale of the fifth Onecredit allows public, private employees, and even pensioners, to quickly obtain a capital available to spend with the convenience of a

direct withholding of the monthly repayment installment, which in any case cannot exceed 20 per cent of the total amount of salary or social security check, precisely one fifth. The payment is made directly by the company or by the pension institution to the bank, in this way there is the certainty of amortization according to the pre-established plan: this is why the sale of the fifth is presented as a feasible loan solution for protesters and villains payers.

According to what Onecredit informs in the page dedicated to the sale of the fifth on its official website, the assignment of the fifth proposal does not require either expenditure justifications or additional property or property guarantees, the TAN, the Annual Nominal Rate which represents the interest on the capital, it is always fixed for the entire duration of the amortization, while the APR, the Global Effective Annual Rate which includes all the related expenses and financial charges, can reach a maximum of 18.5625 per cent up to 15,000 euros, and at 14, 8875 percent over 15,000 euros.

The general characteristics of the loan

The substantial difference between a salary assignment and the standard personal loan is resolved in these synthetic points:

  • The capital is repaid through the institution or company that pays the salary or pension
  • The duration of the repayment plan is between 24 and 120 months
  • Monthly installment deducted directly from payroll or pension, up to one fifth of net pay
  • The insurance coverage provided for by current legislation is borne by the bank in the case of Onecredit

In addition to being convenient, this is the easiest way to get loans to employees who are bad payers and protesters, all you need is a permanent or fixed-term contract provided that the duration of the loan coincides with that of the employment relationship, and the previous financial problems reported in the various databases and black lists will not represent an obstacle. Now let’s see in detail the various transfers according to the categories of subjects with relative example of financing.

Sale of the fifth Onecredit public employees

Sale of the fifth Onecredit public employees

We begin our discussion with the sale of the fifth Onecredit for public employees, which provides a maximum payable capital of 72,000 euros. Assuming a public sector worker who requires financing in 120 months to pay an installment of 300 euros each month, from the cost point of view the sale of the fifth Onecredit provides for a disbursed capital of 27,000 euros, with a total repayment due by the client of 36,000 euros. In this example of the school the APR is at 6.13 percent including preliminary investigation and tax charges of 400 euros, of which substitute tax equal to 69.11 euros, and brokerage fees of 180 euros.

Sale of the fifth private employees of Onecredit

Sale of the fifth private employees of Onecredit

Let us now examine the sale of the fifth Onecredit for private employees, for which the maximum amount payable drops to 47,000 euros. We always take as an example a private sector worker this time who asks the bank for financing in 120 months with a monthly payment of 300 euros which is one fifth of the salary: in this case the sale of the fifth Onecredit provides for a disbursed capital of € 23,000, with a total repayment that the customer will have to return to the bank for € 36,000. For the private worker who requests this figure, the APR is 9.79 per cent including the preliminary investigation and tax charges of € 400, of which the substitute tax is € 59.71, and the brokerage fees are always € 180.

Sale of the fifth Onecredit pensioners

Sale of the fifth Onecredit pensioners

When we talk about the sale of the fifth Onecredit for pensioners, first of all we must specify that the age limit set by the bank for its customers is 79 years at the end of depreciation, so it means that those who want to make a plan in 120 months must have a maximum of 69 years at the time of the request. For pensioners the maximum capital that can be paid with the fifth sale is 69,000 euros, and always following our standard example, with a repayment plan in 120 months to pay an installment of 300 euros per month, we have these costs:

a disbursed capital of 25,000 euros, with a total repayment due by the client of 36,000 euros. The APR in this case is fixed at 7.78 per cent including the preliminary investigation and tax charges of 400 euros, of which the substitute tax amounts to 64.59 euros, and the brokerage fees of 180 euros.

Onecredit debt consolidation

Onecredit debt consolidation

In case you have more loans in progress, and always having the guarantee of an employment contract, you can try to request the consolidation of Onecredit debts that with these premises is not excluded as a possibility of loan to protesters and bad payers : with Credit Master Compact, this is the name of the bank’s financial product, all previous loans can be extinguished, including contracts with other credit institutions and financial companies, paying a single installment and having the possibility of obtaining an additional sum, with the convenience of having a single referent who in this case would be Onecredit.

Main features of the loan

In summary we recall the peculiar characteristics of Onecredit ‘s Credit Master Compact, which offers these basic financing conditions:

  • Loan amount from € 2,000 to € 50,000 to bring together all the old loans, even from other banks and financial institutions, in a single monthly installment
  • Possibility to also obtain additional liquidity
  • In the debt consolidation, in addition to the amounts indicated above, there is also the addition of any premium funded by the optional insurance policy
  • Duration of the loan which varies from 36 to 120 months at a fixed rate
  • Rates applied: single TAN 10.20 percent – maximum APR 12.37 percent
  • Possibility of activating the optional Vita / Protection policy, an insurance that protects the ability to repay the loan in case of prejudicial, definitive or temporary events, such as the loss of employment

Financing example

For the sake of completeness, we also report a practical example of the rates applied and the related costs associated with the loan when we contact Onecredit: if we request 15,000 euros with an amortization plan in 84 months

the monthly repayment installment will be 253.08 euros, with a fixed TAN as we said at 10.20 per cent, while the APR in our example will be 11.13 per cent.

Compared to the fifth assignment, the security of obtaining the go-ahead for financing a protested applicant or bad payer is obviously not guaranteed, and the bank reserves the right to carry out all assessments regarding the creditworthiness and the necessary requirements coinciding with the risk profiles adopted by Onecredit to give the consent or the refusal to finance.

Onecredit loan, lien on pledge

Unlike many other banks operating on the Italian territory, Onecredit offers the possibility of obtaining credit on pawn, a way of obtaining liquidity in the event of extreme need by pledging an object that can be objectively assessed. This financing formula, which could be included among the loans without a pay slip, is accessible to anyone with a good to offer as a guarantee, even to those who are protested and bad payers, or without any income guarantee.

To access this form of loan it is enough to be in possession of precious objects in order to obtain the consideration of their value, to be repaid with interest at the expiry of the contract. After bringing the item to be pawned, appraisals are made about its value and then the money is paid: to obtain pawn credit, just hand over the items, sign the contract, without any further bureaucratic practice to tack.

Financial conditions of the loan

Financial conditions of the loan

Undoubtedly the financial conditions of the Onecredit pledged credit are more expensive than other forms of loan, but often it represents the only viable way as a loan to bad payers and protested Onecredit that do not have guarantees to offer as a permanent employment contract, which would allow access to a more convenient and convenient assignment of the fifth. The interest rate is high, although in comparison it is less than that of other similar products:

The Tan is fixed and changes according to the duration of the contract and the sums requested: generally it is equal to 11.75 per cent for a duration of three months and 2400 euros for a loan, and can go up to 17 per cent for all other financing-related charges, such as custody rights and insurance. The duration of the contract is short, and fixed in 3 months, 6 months or a maximum of 12 months.

If the interest rate is certainly more expensive than that of a fifth assignment, at least partial compensation arises from the certainty offered by Onecredit of an independent assessment linked to the current commercial value, in which deduction percentages are not applied as in other institutions such as pawn shops. With the Onecredit lien, it is therefore possible to obtain the maximum possible value of the object committed, and consequently a higher figure than the average.

What happens in case of non-repayment

One of the most frequent situations that occur with the pledged loan is that those who use it, at the expiration of the stipulated contract, do not have the possibility to proceed with the restitution of the sums obtained and the relative interests and custody rights: in this case if it were not possible to proceed with the aforementioned reimbursement, the bank may arrange for the sale of the objects by auction, but the subject who has contracted the loan will in any case be free from any other obligation and economic commitment with the credit institution.


Onecredit is a credit institution whose mission has always been to find flexible solutions for its customers to meet specific needs, rewarding in particular those who are precise and punctual in repaying installments according to the established amortization plans, but offering concrete chances of financing also to those who have been reported as protesters and bad payers and would have great difficulty in accessing credit. Of course the most convenient solution is the sale of the fifth, and among the loans to bad payers and protested Onecredit turns out to be the most accessible product, although interest rates may be slightly higher than the competition at first glance, but we must keep in mind however, for those who have had past financial difficulties, the rates are always above average in general. Moreover the possibility of credit on pawn, although it is really an extreme solution, is a demonstration in any case of closeness to subjects with difficulties in accessing the market and who do not have a dependent job to exhibit as a solid guarantee, a hypothesis of financing at all discounted when it comes to large banks and institutions.