What are credits or free loans?

What are credits or free loans?

Normally when we talk about credits, we are talking about amounts of money that they give us, which we have to return after a time, plus a certain amount of money to the elderly, in terms of commissions and interest.

But this is not always the case, there are financial institutions in the financial market that lend money very quickly and online, without having to return it increased, and this is because it is a way to attract customers and make themselves known. The great competition that exists in the market of this type of companies, makes many of them opt as a way to promote their financial products, not get any benefit as long as that person has not previously contracted with any type of loan.

As a general rule, it can be said that this procedure is carried out for the first free loan to each new client and for a not very high amount, normally less than 1,000 euros and to be repaid in 30 days or even less, depending on which company we make application. In popular slang is often known as fast money because it is very fast processing, which as a rule does not usually take more than 5 minutes and the income of the money, in our current account, is done in less than 15 minutes.

In the upper comparative table an assessment has been made, which will surely help you decide which company to request the money, however as we always say it is advisable to visit the websites of the companies and examine any updates, both in their requirements and their conditions economic, that has been produced and I have not collected in this article dedicated to the first free credit.

I will update the table as I receive communications from people who have used the services of one or the other company.

In the special section dedicated to the quick loan without paperwork, there are the best loans if papers, payroll, endorsement, etc. that exist in the market, in case you do not convince any of the cheap loans collected here.

Which companies grant quick and free credits?

Which companies grant quick and free credits?

There are not many companies that have this modality but fortunately there are some, which we can take advantage of for a timely credit.

Vivus: It is the most used and as such we have positioned it in the first positions of the comparative ranking of companies specialized in granting money urgently and without interest. A rough way I will tell you that the loan is free if the requested amount does not exceed 300 euros and you have to return it in 30 days. This action is allowed if you are a new client and you have never hired a loan with them, it is a way to get known among people who need quick money. The opinions of Vivus are very good, and have a great popularity and every day thousands of euros are granted in the form of microloans. For me it is the best option when you ask for a loan for the first time.

Crediter: If this is the first time you request fast money from this company, if the requested amount is less than 300 euros, you will not be charged interest and commissions and your request would respond almost instantaneously (10 minutes)

I liked the calculator that you have online, so you will know how much you have to pay to seniors (if it is your first loan you will only have to return the borrowed amount, that is, you only have to return the principal, no amount of supplementary money in concept of commissions or interest if you do it within the foreseen term)

Zennea: It is a company with registered office in Madrid. (one of the companies with the best fame are taking in the granting of microcredits worldwide)

With Zennea you can request your first loan totally free for an amount no higher than 300 euros.

The steps to request it are very simple:

  • Fill in the online form that you have created for this purpose
  • Verify your data
  • They give you the answer to your request
  • And if approved in less than 8 minutes, they transfer the money

To be able to access this type of loan you must be of legal age and under 75 years of age, reside in Spain permanently and have some other requirement such as those mentioned above.

You must have a payroll, or receive a pension or unemployment.

The offers of free loans vary in time and that is why we frequently update this article because it is the most consulted of the entire web. The second most consulted article is the list that grants loans while in Financial Credit Institutions because some applicants are listed as delinquent

Characteristics of the free loans

Characteristics of the free loans

  • It is not necessary to present or justify or payroll or endorsement
  • It has to be the first loan you request from that lender company.
  • The amount requested can go up to 200 or 750 euros depending on which market company you request.
  • Processing and response of acceptance or denial very fast (10 to 15 minutes)
  • Online contracting (through the Internet)
  • They usually require a mobile number (to send you notifications about your application) and request that you send them a photocopy of your DNI / NIE to authenticate your person.
  • Almost all online lenders have simulators of how much money should be returned for the period of time indicated by you.

The free credit will be such, as long as the repayment periods outlined in the contract are met, because if this period is exceeded it is when the interests outlined in the information that each credit institution reviews on its web pages will be applied.

The request for quick credits is made to “cover small holes” such as the return to school, the January cost, the payment of a holiday, a gift on Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc. and in many cases, proving the effectiveness and reliability of credit companies obtaining the first loan free of charge, without having to repay more than the amount borrowed, means that many people request one of these urgent money loans every day.

Without a doubt the loans or free credits is the best offer for the consumer that could exist and of which, the users we have to take advantage of and thus requesting a free loan of each company we can get to obtain the amount of money that we need, without paying a single euro of commissions or expenses.

Tip: Take advantage of these offers to ask for the money each time, so the promotion of the 1st free will always apply.